Our Compassion Initiatives are for people from all walks of life.  We are intentional with practical programs that are providing hope and resources for the alleviation of poverty, transformation of lives, and impacting communities.

HUB TO POD Supply Chain

The CityServe distribution model is based on a HUB to POD (a Point of Distribution) as a supply chain.
A CityServe HUB is a place with the capacity (usually a warehouse) for storing, sorting, and a Distribution Center of boxes of resources such as bedding, shoes, clothes, toys, mobile devices, tablets, etc, as donated goods from retail stores  to local Churches, Community Centres, and Not For Profit Organizations in their geographical regions.

Points of Distribution "PODs"

Through strategic collaboration with businesses and local government agencies CityServe have created “Points of Distribution” (POD) in local areas with a variety of goods to distribute and serve their community. Churches and Not For Profit agencies have become CityServe PODs. 

Over one-third (35%) of Canadians reported that it was difficult for their household to meet its financial needs. With financial insecurity and mental health issues increasing, our CityServe Program is a blessing with hope and practical help to people across Canada. God loves the world.

Supply HUBs

CityServe through a supply chain network of warehouse “HUBs”, channels resources such as household goods, furniture and toys through our CityServe network of local organizations and centres serving their communities.

We are intentional about our focus on vulnerable people and families such as children, widows, seniors, at-risk youths, indigenous and marginalized people.