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We currently have CityServe HUBs across Canada and with Distribution Centres in 16 cities so far.

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In just two years we have received and distributed across Canada over $4 MILLION in practical goods and resources to those who need them most.

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We are a distribution channel of unsold goods and resources, a solution to people, and saving our environment.

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Helping Families.
Transforming lives.
Building communities.

CityServe is a collaborative network of charities and non-profit organizations that receive and distribute new donated goods to serve their communities. Together, the CityServe network provides practical resources to those who need them the most across Canada.

Transforming Lives and Communities

COMMITMENT. Our commitment is to empower and equip local Churches, Community and Compassion centers with compassion initiatives of engagement that will create positive community transformation.

IMPACT.  With CityServe, these centers can be more influential, create greater impact for helping people and community transformation through community-based compassion.

SOLUTIONS. We provide the capacity, systems, resources for Churches, Community Centres, and Not For Profit organizations to become centres of hope and goodness to people challenged with financial insecurity, hopelessness, and bring solutions to at-risk people. We help vulnerable children, seniors, immigrants and marginalized people to find greater support and security.

Integrating ethnicity and alleviating poverty because People Matter.

Compassion Initiatives

Points of Distribution "PODs"

A “Point Of Distribution” (POD) is developed in local Churches or Not For Profit organizations in covenant with CityServe. They receive from local CityServe HUBs tangible items like furniture, bedding, linens, apparel, household necessities, software, baby products, consumer electronics and toys to distribute to the community. CityServe PODs become the driving catalyst for community transformation.

Supply HUBs

CityServe uses a supply chain network of warehouse “HUBs” that stores goods and resources for distribution to our PODs. Our warehouses are large facilities that can store large quantities of goods. Our HUBs are equipped with storage systems, inventory management, sufficient staff,  transportation, moving equipment to deliver and transport goods to and from the warehouse, and security. 

Your Opportunity


Do you want to make a lasting impact in your community?  Your gift will help to provide  resources to supply people in need with clothing, furniture and basic needs for survival. Together we can do more, serve more and give more as a human family that really cares for each other. People matters.

CityServe Heroes

Community volunteering is powerful as we form effective teams to deliver success in helping to improve the quality of life in your community.  We are CityServe Heroes with caring hearts and helping hands.  We use our talents, strengths, and abilities for the best possible outcomes. We live to serve. We need you to join us.

Strategic Partners

We work with a wide range of collaborative groups including Churches, government agencies, Not For Profit organizations, corporations, retailers, and more. You can leverage your influence and help us to mobilize groups, companies and sponsorship for greater impact in communities.